ICL (Everris) Seeds

As a global leader in fertilizers manufacturing, ICL (Everris) has a vast range of solutions to deliver reliable and exemplary results. ICL offers high-quality products such as premium fertilizers, seeds, and great plant protection to meet each and every turf manager’s needs.

Around the world, turf managers put their trust in the ICL advanced technology to deliver high-quality nutrition for optimum health, performance, endurance, and aesthetic appearance.

Dynamic products, such as slow and controlled release fertilizers, put a turf manager in total control. This allows for efficient and precise delivery of nutrients specifically designed for your turfgrass area.

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Sports Pitches Turfgrass Seeds

Grass seeds, like all ICL products and solutions, are developed through extensive research and the innovative technology and backed up with an expert advice.

ICL only selects the best turfgrass seed cultivars for usage, based on their exemplary characteristics. These qualities include extreme weather conditions, handling of intensive wear and tear, visual appearance, and disease resistance, to name a few.

ICL provides turf managers, landscaping contractors, greenkeepers, and groundsmen with pure, top-quality seeds to produce a healthy, strong, green turf.

One of the basic scopes of activity of ENGO Group, as one of the leading experts in the construction and maintenance of professional sports pitches industry, running more than two decades in many European and CIS countries, is construction of professional sports playgrounds, municipal and commercial objects, as well as landscaping and planting of greenery territories of various scale.

Today ENGO Group offers its customers turfgrass seeds from ICL - a company which is a lawn market leader, as well as a premier manufacturer known all over the world, specializing in the development and production of individual mixtures. 

Landscape Grass Seeds

Creating a lawn from scratch, you can use ICL and Landscaper Pro from the very start.

ICL turfgrass mixtures are made of beautiful and strong selected varieties, amenable to strict quality control; moreover, exclusive varieties provide a correct selection of grass mixtures for your land plot. 

For the product line Landscaper Pro, specialists from ICL have developed four different blends, each of which was created solely to obtain excellent results even in difficult conditions.

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