About Us

The international holding ENGO Group, which is successfully conducting its professional activities in different countries of Central and Eastern Europe over the last 25 years, proved to become a highly reputable leading company, a provider of innovative solutions, and a reliable business partner within the industry of professional sports pitches construction and complex maintenance. ENGO Group specializes in the introduction of advanced and innovative technologies into both turfgrass and lawn care industries, the supply of machinery and special-purpose equipment to golf courses and football pitches, as well as construction, greenkeeping, and professional management.

Sharing the extensive experience and professional knowledge by means of regular publications of the up-to-date educational newsletters (Golf Online News), as well as through the organization of qualifying training conferences (Turf Education, Leadership Golf Conference) is the way ENGO Group keeps affiliations with colleagues, partners, and other participants in the sports turf industry.

Qualifying education, industry development, innovative solutions, and environmental protection have been established to be the core values and underlying principles of ENGO Group’s activities. This is precisely why once a small company, having been focused on the products sale for the agricultural sector in the first place, after 25 years, evolved to become the international holding that comprises skilled professionals staff offices in four different countries (Slovakia, Ukraine, Russia, and Georgia) as well as obtain a respected reference list of implemented projects on construction and professional maintenance of high-end sports venues in many countries of Europe and Asia (Slovakia, Ukraine, Armenia, Czech Republic, Russian Federation, Georgia, Greece, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Saudi Arabia, etc.).

Today, ENGO Group continues to strengthen its positions as an experienced contractor, trustworthy supplier, responsible executive, and business partner at the professional sports turf industry’s market. Not only is the Group’s overall success evidenced by numerous worldwide customers’ references and testimonials, but it has also succeeded to obtain the internationally recognized certificate of quality «ISO 9001» (for Management of Sports Projects’ Construction) after successfully undergoing the audit and extensive test and evaluation system of its entire business activities.