Turf Lighting Solutions


TLS (Turf Lighting Solutions) received a status of an official RA-Technology AS (RAT) department on January 1, 2013. The department is specialized on producing aluminum constructions.

They became the first company to develop lighting equipment for usage at stadiums around the globe. RAT has 13 years of experience in manufacturing lighting equipment and 40 years of expertise in manufacturing other products.


TLS mobile equipment solutions help provide flexible usability. Light aluminum construction is the reason for convenience besides making the transportation easy. The weight of these units together with rubber tires from TLS also helps reduce any damage to the turfgrass.


TLS mobile constructions can be presented in three different models yet can be custom-made, too.


Choice of a lighting level depends on a type of project and required quality. More information about the intensity of light is available via contacting us. Standard TLS equipment is delivered with 1000-watt light bulbs. We can provide an artificial lighting price quotation individually for your pitch.

General terms and conditions

We provide commissioning, testing, and demonstration of all the lighting equipment for the local staff at a sports stadium. We also send a mechanical engineer to put the equipment into operation and train the staff. Your team will be able to properly use this equipment in the future.

Production time

The delivery term of an entire lighting system takes 6 to 8 weeks from a receipt of an order and prepayment to the product delivery from the factory. The exact date of delivery is to be approved in the process of signing a contract.


The main part of the construction of lighting systems from TLS is made of aluminum, the pins and bolts are made of stainless steel, and the wheels - of rubber.

This TLS product does not require special maintenance with regard to this choice of materials.

Daily maintenance involves visual inspection to determine safety and operational defects. This examination covers the aluminum structure and the electrical system. To avoid injury, you should be careful while using the device. Repair is carried out only by authorized personnel. Also do not forget to check the tire pressure.

Annual maintenance means complete maintenance of aluminum structures and mechanical structures, as well as all connections, and it must be executed by authorized personnel.

The electrical system, all cables, lights, switches and sockets must be visually inspected for damage and defects.

The electrical system is tested for grounding with a 500 V resistance device.

Make sure that the main 400 V power supply is switched off.

Regularly clean the light reflectors, once or twice a year. They can be cleaned using special means specified by the manufacturer of reflectors. Lamps can work up to 10,000 hours before they might require replacement.

If you are interested in more details, please feel free to contact us.