ICL (Everris) Fertilizers

As a world leader in fertilizer manufacturing, ICL has a vast range of solutions to deliver reliable and exemplary results. ICL offers high-quality products such as premium fertilizers, seeds, and great plant protection to meet every turf manager’s needs.

Around the world, turf managers put their trust in the ICL’s advanced technology to deliver top-notch nutrition for optimum health, performance, endurance, and aesthetic appearance.

Dynamic products, such as slow and controlled release fertilizers, put a turf manager in total control. This allows for efficient and precise delivery of nutrients specifically designed for your turfgrass area.

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Sports Pitches Fertilizers

Lawn fertilization is considered to be one of the determining factors that affect a surface quality, it's proved to be an important component of the comprehensive maintenance of the grass vegetation.

Lawn fertilizers are used throughout a site of the grass cover, carefully observing the norms specified by the manufacturer. The increase in dosage may result in burnout of the individual plants or whole areas. In a case of less fertilizer than expected, one should be afraid of the plants color intensity decrease, deterioration of grass lawn density, weeds, and moss appearance. In a case the dressing is not made at all, the lawn lifetime is significantly reduced.

Here are some simple rules of fertilizer application: 

  • nourishing should be done after mowing the grass;
  • it is recommended to apply a fertilizer into a wet ground yet on the condition the grass is dry;
  • abundant watering is imperative and urgent after fertilizer application;
  • nourishing should not be carried out in the rain and a long-term sustainable drought.

Lawn fertilizers are produced in the form of granules and liquids. In the case of granular formulations application (they are more concentrated), copious irrigation is required after the fertilizer was applied. As a rule, plants absorb liquid dressing faster and easier, however, it contains a lower concentration of mineral substances. 

One of the basic ENGO Group lines of activities, as one of the leading experts in the construction and maintenance of professional sports pitches industry, running more than two decades in many CIS countries, is the implementation of the highest-quality fertilizers wholesale for private and sports turfgrass. We offer: 

  • fertilizers from the leading world manufacturers;
  • timely delivery of products;
  • lowest prices (with regard to the partnership relations with producers);
  • professional counseling support on all of the issues relating to turfgrass fertilizing;
  • individual approach and assistance in selecting fertilizing compositions.

Landscape Fertilizers

ICL is one of the leading and largest companies which is involved in the delivery of fertilizers for landscaping companies and associations all over the world. ICL has its own research stations, located on the territory of more than 85 hectares. Landscaper Pro product line includes grass mixtures for the garden and fertilizers; within the industry, this product system is famous for its reliability and effectiveness.

Why professional greenkeepers worldwide use fertilizers and lawn grass with a controlled release from ICL: 

  • A high degree of penetration
  • Improvement of the density and overall quality of the grass cover
  • Immediate recovery after injuries
  • Minimum of applying fertilizers throughout a year
  • Correct evolving of nitrogen

Why are ICL product lines the best for professional landscapers?

For the Landscaper Pro ICL products, controlled release of nutrients is used, ensuring, thus, the period of validity, as well as a permanent healthy growth of the lawn: 

  • A high degree of available nutrients
  • The maximum reliable, long evolving of nutritious elements
  • Security for plants and long-term effect 
  • A proportional long-term release of nitrogen into plants
  • Balance preservation between the growth of the root system and green mass

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