Educational programs and conferences

Miscellaneous research studies within golf industry, innovation technologies, international expertise – this is only a part of what professionals of diverse profiles are to, time to time, familiarize with, learn, and apply in one’s own work. We strongly believe that a well-educated client knows one’s business inside out and, therefore, is able to avoid key, fatal errors. Live and learn; education must never stop. That is why we are excited to introduce you the two of our main educational programs:

Turf Education – qualifying conference for greenkeepers

Leadership Golf Conference – educational event for developers, owners, and managers of golf facilities 




Since 2009, Turf Education branded annual qualifying conferences for sports construction & professional maintenance industry experts, featuring top-notch international industry-leading speakers, has so far being held in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, and Georgia. 

Educational events are targeted at counselling on professional sports pitches maintenance enticing greenkeepers, landscape designers, and other industry figures.




Educational event LEADERSHIP GOLF CONFERENCE was first organized and took place in 2010 and was focused on development, construction, architecture, management, and marketing of golf resorts.

The conference is targeted at contractors, owners, general managers, and other experts interested in either investing in the golf industry or golf business itself.