Project Management

As one of the leading companies at the golf industry market with a wealth of experience and expertise in the international golf facilities development, we offer our services for either full or partial outsourcing of golf club management.

Outsourcing model benefits to control and reduction of a club’s operational expenses (saving of 12% to 22% in cost) as well as the formation of the available funds capital owing to the lack of a need for investing in non-core business functions. Such a management method enhances a focus-policy of the executives’ team in consequence of the deficiency of ongoing challenges related to the line staff recruitment, training, and workforce scheduling, though still retaining comprehensive control over the operational process. Not only means either full or partial outsourcing the availability of the world-class resources unobtainable from within, but it also saves internal reserves for other business purposes.

In case a club has its own working team, having been recruited in accordance with the club’s needs in the first place, then subsequently, both strategic and tactical objectives are to be generated in compliance with them. If that is the case, the most advantageous short-term (3 to 5 years) decision for the club, which would contribute to accomplishing target and desired goals as well as eventually, raise its own professional team, is to hire professional experts for key positions on a contract basis.

Moreover, we provide golf facilities with consulting services for golf development, project management, as well as the elaboration of comprehensively research-based communication and marketing strategies. 

  • What types of golfers are at play today and how they will change in the future?
  • What types of golfers compose your target audience?
  • What are the main market trends and developments in the country these days and how they will alter in a period ahead?
  • Which factors are important to consider when choosing in reference to the golfers’ and golf clubs’ segmentation, so as to either be of interest to all types of golfers or focus on the needs and desires of one specific type of players?

Investment in a high-quality analysis of information and professional project management in the first place will save a club from making strategic mistakes, resulting in consequences, and additional charges for troubleshooting in the future.