How to maintain an existing golf course or a football/rugby pitch? Generally, there are two options: You may either create and constantly develop your own greenkeeping department or you can outsource greenkeeping to a professional company.

We would be happy to make you a proposal on greenkeeping. We can provide greenkeepers, train your local staff, or execute greenkeeping for you based on a contract agreement. Our work would mirror your expectations, using all modern tools and methods.

Everyday mowing, soil & water analyses, feeding plans, lighting recommendations, application of turf protection & fertilizers, as well as all relevant regeneration practices compose our service packages. Responsibility would be on our side!

What specifically we can do for you: 

  • High-quality materials supply such as fertilizers, chemicals, and seeds from reliable suppliers
  • High-quality equipment supply
  • Strong advice and regular basis independent reports securing
  • Staff and management training
  • Tissues of leaves and soil constant testing for application recommendations
  • Head greenkeeper assignment
  • Assistant head greenkeeper assignment
  • Staff education and training
  • Development of a system for accountability of tracking all of the carried out works
  • Development of standard operating procedures schedule
  • Assistance in management to ensure minimum damage to a pitch during tournaments, events, etc.
  • Testing and measurement
  • Allotment of the service of the supplied equipment and machines

Constant testing and measurement of: 

  • species composition of grass
  • identification of algal slimes, location, and depth in the presence
  • the density of roots and depth evaluation
  • the visible presence of diseases
  • visible nutrition
  • the depth of thatch germination
  • lawn height