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TORO Irrigation Systems Installation and Service

Correct allocation of water is crucial for qualitative turfgrass growth. 

This can be achieved due to prudent irrigation. To accomplish the aim - even water distributing, - all factors must be well-balanced. 


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Is your irrigation design made-up?

In most golf projects, an experienced golf designer provides a complete documentation package which includes, in particular, the following: Irrigation design, Specifications, Bill of materials.

In such a case, companies, specializing in irrigation systems installation, are able of providing a commercial offer in reliance upon that data. That is a quite big advantage for a customer to receive an independent design as well as specifications. In that way, having gotten several offers, one is able to compare options which help opt for the most favorable one. 

Is your irrigation design not yet made-up?

Whoever in charge of the irrigation design, the following observations should be given careful consideration and thoroughly examined: 

  • Investor’s preferences. Would you like to cover the entire terrain or its main playing surfaces only? 
  • Greenkeeper’s requirements. How many millimeters per day for greens, tees, fairways? Consideration of species/varieties of grass. Whether it is a Back-to-Back system or individual sprinklers around greens? Single, double, or triple lines on fairways? What about any security level during maintenance required further?

  • Soil rating. What kind of soil do we need at fairways? 
  • Climate Analysis. Average rainfall, usual wind direction, etc. 
  • Review of existing and prospective plants. How to combine both safely? 
  • Pump station. Location, an overall solution, pressure, irrigation window boxes, etc. 
  • Decoder or satellite irrigation system. Important technical solution. Learn more about their comparison
  • Control system. Important for further service
  • Available investment and operating budgets

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Existing project

In case an irrigation system has already been installed, we offer the following services:

  • Irrigation spare parts’ supply. Each and every spare part, being used in any irrigation project, has an expiry date. We supply whichever irrigation parts.  
  • Irrigation instruments’ supply. Irrigation instruments and other supplementary facilities alleviate greenkeepers’ work, hence a client is able to employ their activities in a more expedient way.
  • Troubleshooting and repair. If you feel the grass doesn’t look that good, one of the possible reasons for it could be poor irrigation. 
  • Irrigation systems’ upgrade. Research and testing provide new products and technologies. We’re able to assist you with an existing irrigation system’s advancement through the use of available and the most modern technologies. 

Read/Download “ENGO: The course to professional irrigation” (RUS)

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