The Sun person sees the house person as exotic, fascinating, and even other-worldly or strange. (These roles can be reversed.). The house person, in this case, will be able to help you rise out of your ashes. For example, if youre normally only quiet in other relationships, this Sun-in-the-7th relationship will drive you to extreme passivity and silence. The relationship can just as easily be very spiritually rewarding. You feel like the house person goes about things the right way. Sun in 1st House Synastry If someone's Sun is in your 1st House, it will create an instant connection. My Bfs sun is in my seventh, and I am in his first. Can someone tell me what each of these synastry in the houses means individually then just overall judge all these crazy placements as a whole? Sorry for English, but I dont know much and google translator had to help me. Theres a level of emotional dependence here that can be scary for both of you. If the house person is not naturally authoritative, this relationship would boost their leadership skills. We don't collect your IP address. Click Even in marriage, you have the tendency to treat each other as friends. The Sun dictates the pace of this relationship and can trigger some emotional fragility and trauma to resurface for the 12th house person. June 25, 2022. When your North Node is in the 12th house of your partner's natal chart, you will help the 12th house native become more spiritual and grow as a person. Cultural and humanitarian disciplines aside, the interests of the partners lie far beyond the physical and emotional attraction to each other. They are often prominent in public life, especially if partners need a little encouragement for self-expression. You stimulate a more adventurous spirit in your partner. You think they dont understand you, nor approve of you. You bring out the best in each other. You both really love each other, romantically. The Sun has to do with power and authority, so its reasonable to think that these influences will be a little similar. If the house person is naturally an authoritative type, this relationship would simply feel comfortable and like business as usual., The Sun in the partners 11th house of a synastry overlay creates an atmosphere of friendship between you. The harmonious Sun in the 11th House relationship is so well-balanced that there is almost no need for the partners to discuss anything major, for instead of arguing about details or procedures, they understand each other perfectly. In each of these twelve positions, it sets a certain color for your relationship and shows an area of your life where the other will have a strong influence. All rights reserved. Sun in the 11th house denotes a lover of society, refinement and culture. If you have planets in your eleventh house, their Sun will be further activating these planets, and the aspects they are making. Its tightly enmeshed in other people and friendship. In some way, you help your partner learn about themselves through the relationship. You cant read them, you cant understand the way they think. The 8H is also about shared resources and marriage and I want to share everything with him, give him all of me. Rahu - Sun. This is the kind of relationship in which you each do your share of the household chores, and your household runs so smoothly that its the envy of your neighbors. (esp. The Sun represents your sense of self: how you present yourself to others in terms of attractiveness, physical appearance, social graces, and self-confidence. Gains through social networking, an ability to influence groups, and working with groups to enact social changes are all found in the eleventh house. Libra In an intimate relationship, there is likely to be considerable desire, but, again, be sure to avoid treating each other as if you own them. Sun in 11th House people are vital and charming, quick to understand and relate. The Astrology of 2023: This Year in Astrology. They're easily making friends and want to be part of many adventures. This type of relationship works best if youre both committed in an intimate partnership. Is the furniture nice? You (the house person) may give in to their demands even though you sense that the attraction is not based on romance. They just fill your senses with so much pleasure, it can only be defined without logic. The Sun in 11th house synastry overlay is just one of many factors that need to be considered when making a compatibility analysis, but I sincerely hope that this article did shed some light on the dynamics of your relationship. When you enter someones home for the first time, you immediately perceive and form expectations based on the surrounding environment. If we become obsessed with trying to figure it out we could alter how we feel about the relationship unfairly before it has a chance to start. This can be disturbing, and not everyone will enjoy this type of relationship. I go deeper than that here to discuss the effect on both people. It is indeed a very mysterious relationship but also feels like a soulmate connection.. The ability to engage in social interactions with ease, a comforting demeanor when meeting new people, and an optimistic view of life are hallmarks of Sun in the 11th House. You enjoy learning, meeting new people and making new friends. Scorpio When ones Sun falls in the 11th house of their partners horoscope, they may be able to provide the house person with the kind of inspiration that leads him or her to formulate their ideals more clearly and, in some cases, the Sun person may assist the house person to realize these ideals. Marriage is not impossible with this overlay. It was exactly like that. SUN IN 12TH HOUSE SYNASTRY: THE CHALLENGES THE SUN HAS CONTROL This is the most challenging aspect of this relationship. The most important thing to remember about having someones Sun in your eleventh house in Synastry is that it acts as a permanent transit to your eleventh house! I struggle to feel loved or desired by him, as he is so guarded and restrictive with his intimacy. Or between people, who fight for a humanitarian cause; who volunteer together; or work on a technology project together. Try not to judge or guess what that is yet, you will eventually find it out. When two people come together as friends first, it creates a supportive foundation for any relationship, and this aspect is an indication of one such foundation. The fact that they are capable of taking charge of many projects will be seen as a plus sign by many people. You have a strange fascination with the house person that you cant quite understand since the house person seems so different from you. I can just tell some of the small things I do set him off a bit, like he is really trying to hold himself back, like he is afraid to hurt me. Sagittarius For example, if your wifes Sun is in your Eleventh House, she may be happy to be friends and spend time with your friends. This doesnt mean that you cant be more than friends. The secret is to find a balance (7th house is all about balance) between being harmonious pieces of a whole, and being individuals. The Secret to Sexual Chemistry is found in our Astrological Sun Signs The Zodiac Signs & Commitment to Relationships Moon Sign Compatibility: The Best Indicator of a Long & Successful Marriage Rising Sign Compatibility & Attraction Rate Your Compatibility Synastry Chart Overlays Elements in Synastry Chart Overlays Of course, its best for a work-related relationship, but it can work in a marriage as well. You just know it. She is drawn to those who are mentally agile and articulate as this quality makes for a stimulating partner. You are your partners buddy and comrade, and you fully appreciate spending fun leisure times together. Dont know the positions of your planets? Often this pair has a strong interest in making children together, although difficult aspects of the Sun to the partners planets can point to children as being a source of conflict in the relationship; or, if children are not the issue, your partner may feel stifled by your overpowering need to be the only one who gives them pleasure. I agree with what was said that the relationship started when the Sun-person was at rock-bottom (birth family life was dire and baby had to be placed for adoption, it was literally felt to be a life and death situation if baby wasnt placed for adoption). Why would the Sun person have the 8th house feelings triggered? An example of data being processed may be a unique identifier stored in a cookie. These individuals might struggle to navigate the inner workings of each other's emotions, but they also have the ability to learn and grow from each other. Blessings, Hello o have a question i had read before that the Sun Ses th 10th house as a little boy and help thme to achieve their goals and hier you Sad that h will se thenth house in an authoritative way strong one. The house person enjoys how much the Sun person adores them. The position of the Sun, Moon, Venus and Mars should be closely examined in each of the horoscopes, and so should the state of the 1st, 7th, 5th house and their rulers. This is not impossible. This synastry aspect is especially good when it comes to the traditional family unit. There may be a sense in your partner of having to give up something or to make sacrifices, as being together can bring up some level of pain or heartache, and possibly the need to be secret and private. Your relationship usually begins as a friendship, or as "friends with benefits." In this relationship, you tend to accept a "no strings attached" arrangement from the beginning. Look You drop your guard around them. Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Ascendant in the signs: Aries He always feel emotional and I can read him like an open book. You bring out your partners creativity and sense of fun. In love relationships, she has a tendency to get involved far too quickly. But Im not sure he feels the same. Another thing to note about my moon in his 8H, is I get pretty moody when I feel like he is holding back or not being intimate with me (emotionally or sexually) and often his holding back of intimacy makes me feel so mentally vulnerable and usually triggers me to have panic attacks. Sometimes it is a conscious thing, and you take pleasure in it. People with Sun in 11th House may be drawn to careers that focus on education, teaching, or science. There can be a general sense of mistrust that stems from misunderstanding. The 11th house in astrology is known as the house of hopes and wishes. You affect your partner deeply, and your partner is likely to be very sensitive to your actions. To view the purposes they believe they have legitimate interest for, or to object to this data processing use the vendor list link below. You impact your partner in such a way that their belief systems are transformed. He is Capricorn sun, Capricorn moon. Sometimes I dont know if he is even attracted to me. Any case. This brings out their dark side. Do we make nice couples between us? But you do this with extreme behaviors that can cause more harm than good. The Sun in the 12th house synastry creates a relationship that is defined by mystery and the ability to help each other see the world in a new light. This person is particularly fond of art, music and literature. I had a friend a few years ago who I was pretty close to and had a lot of nice conversations with (their sun was in my 3H so very mentally stimulating) and my partner got extremely hurt and jealous and insecure of this friend. In addition, friends are an important part of the 11th House; if your partner has supportive friends, youll find that you benefit from them too. This overlay gives the rare, and lucky, experience of feeling real pleasure by being with another person. The Sun in 11th House attracts, embraces, and loyal partners. Since I'm the sun in his 8th house, my naturally hidden personal power gets a taste of sharing that with another person on a deep level. You Light Up My Life: Sun in Houses in Synastry. The creator of this numerology app is in no way liable of any actions that might be taken or not taken by users. Your relationship usually starts out as a friendship or as good friends. By nature I am not a possessive person (strange for an 8H sun native I know) although I can get obsessive about my ideas and thoughts and my mind never seems to shut off (mercury 8H). This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. When you overlay your Sun onto the chart of your partner, you can gain plenty of insight into how you affect that person, and what areas of their life you take particular interest in. The Suns in 11th House indicates the individuals overall approach to life: personality and talents, orientation towards the world and its concerns. The house person fits your image of authority and everything right and acceptable in society. Gemini By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use. Be careful not to let this desire for balance degenerate into a tit for tat attitude toward one another. For a professional in-depth reading that will also give you remedies and actionable steps to thrive in your love life, check out my Astrology Services. This is a fun and enjoyable relationship, and there is real love here, but there must be some other synastry connections between the two of you to ensure a long-term relationship. You teach each other. We are triggered by first impressions. You may even consider the house person predictable, but you dont mind it because your relationship also feels right and comfortable. In both cases of meeting both my husband and my friends I have felt like I know them and comfortable with them, I feel absolutely NO need to pretend to be anything but myself, and I know that they felt comfortable with me on meeting too. Because you create this non-judgmental environment, you both feel free to confide in each other regarding any problems or anxieties that you face. That person views the partnership as a profound and intimate connection. 351w intake manifoldSun in 11th House Synastry Explained. Thus, sun in 12th house astrology says that it may be easy to say, but you will become a compassion guru with regular practice. And vice versa. One more thing that Ive remembered: my moon is in my partners 8H. Although, keep in mind that this synastry overlay doesnt, by itself, ensure a long-term, or even a serious, relationship. And he has mercury in my 8th house. This is the best and most stable relationship of my life but it is hurting me in many ways too. Whether you (Sun) are okay with this or not depends on your individual characteristics. There will be no goofing off or making plans behind his back because the Sun in 11th House type can see right through you. I am a very sexual person like sex is our main topic most of the time. This overlay tends to offer relationships a feeling of camaraderie and general agreement. Like the yin and yang, love and hate are two sides of the same coin. With the 11th house also ruling change and the future, it can show how change is approached and what future we envision. The house person will not let go of the other under almost any circumstances. The key terms to this house is social awareness, so it generally represents all kinds of social relations. This is a somewhat intellectual partnership, one built on shared visions and ideals. The Sun person enlights and develops the area where the Vertex person's Sun is located, acting as a protective and prominent figure. The South Node in Synastry November 9, 2012 astrologyanonymous27 When someone's planet or point conjuncts your natal South Node, a past life connection is indicated. To you, social position is less essential than belonging to a diverse collection of personalities. Common interests draw them together and the love they have for one another is more an extension of their own personalities than a separate thing. Your actions will have a profound emotional impact on your partner, as you pull up many emotions in him or her. #NoFilter. Sun in 11th House Meaning The 11th house in astrology is believed to be an extremely auspicious house. You each feel like the other person is a big presence in your life. Can these aspects work with plutonic friends as well? Also check out Why Zodiac Signs Can Mislead You About Love Compatibility. I hope it provides a useful perspective on this overlay. In reality there isnt, he is a sweet sensitive soul but I often get a sense that I never know what he is thinking and that he is keeping deep parts of himself locked away, from himself, from me, from the world. He or she might not see you as more than a good friend. They are tireless in their pursuit of long-term goals. If she is unattached there may be many friendships but no deep relationships until later life when she marries or meets someone who loves wholesome living as much as she does. He wishes to be known on a global scale, perhaps by becoming President of his country, or at least in his line of work, he hopes that he will make such an impact that will be talked about for many generations. The house person enjoys the admiration and approval from the Sun person. You (the Sun person) see the house person as a source of pleasure, enjoyment, and delight. We are super close and sometimes to the point where we need spacebut it never lasts too long lmao. With good aspects, the Moon in 11th house synastry overlay is an indication of a real bond of friendship. I have heard having personal planets in the 8th house synastry is a bad thing/overwhelming/obsessive and just overall too much. Loving, warm, and positive, the energy of 11th House holds connections that last. Sun in 11th House people are often known for their achievers and lifelong learners. These folks often make great teachers if they choose this path. The Sun in the partners sixth house of a synastry overlay compels one person to be submissive to the other. When this happens, each of you may rebel against each other as you struggle to regain your individuality. but emotionally very true will always have a lot of love and care, just like any parent). Similarly, the planet person enters your birth chart house and perceives you according to the environment of that specific house. The 11th house is that of Humanitarian Workers and Social missions. In addition to that, the 11th house also belongs to the Triangle of Desires or Kama Trikona which signifies desires and the ability to fulfill them. The Sun in this house is known to be quite influential, as it represents our conscious mind. Covered Here: They will have many friends who are willing to stand by their side through thick and thin. The best thing about this aspect is that no matter how many other problems might crop up in the marriage, these two can always work past them because they like each other on a non-romantic level. You (Sun) think the house person is brilliant. You give each other an ego boost. With this placement of the Sun, you may have received lots of love from a grandparent or older sibling. I feel guilt so many times as I often forget about him when he needs attention. The Sun person has a vital and magnetic kind of energy that makes them remain close together. We are both highly plutonic and had many other aspects with us, including the Nord Node on the ASC / DSC axis. They may also feel the same friendly feeling towards 11th house person's friends. They are keenly aware of how they fit into the bigger picture and have a knack for discovering the possibilities beyond the obvious. In fact, you may stimulate the inner child of your partner, and your partner may not always respond to you in ways that make sense. . It helps you guys express your individuality, freedom, and greatness, often creating a relationship that is even a "best friend" bond. Copyright 20092023 Astrology Library. People with this placement enjoy making their dreams come true. (See instead: Sun overlays in 8th12th houses.). He may also want to start a business or become a motivational speaker and/or consultant. However, his sun and venus are in my twelfth house ( and my pluto is in his 12th house) so that may ramp up the obsessiveness he has for me ( i assume). 1. komputilode 1 mo. Your sun in their eleventh You both want friendship and find it in each other, finding an equal in each other. If you have the Sun here, your personality is likely extroverted, friendly, loving and resilient. Youre most comfortable when youre in the company of others and wont be content if you spend too much time alone. In astrology, the 11th House is a good location for Mars natives. Although this overlay isnt focused on romance, this overlay adds a positive charge to any relationship. Neither one of you is judging the other. You think that they see things more clearly than you do. Whatever they look like, whatever they act like, whatever they do, you find it beautiful. Your partnership is generally easygoing. The house person is a mystery to you. The placement of the Sun in eleventh house of a partner's chart suggests the basis of relationship, usually strong friendship, is in the area of mutual intellectual or scientific . This position offers a wonderful theme of tolerance and acceptance. In this case, the sun in the second house overlay will create a positive environment for the two of you to work to wards a profitable goal. With the eleventh house as your landing pad, youre likely to trend toward hero statuseither rescuing someone from danger, or being saved by someone else. This means that they can really get in your head. Then, somehow, you enjoy the horror. Im Capricorn sun, Pisces moon. This type of person is often very involved in whatever cause they believe in, whether it be a social campaign or a spiritual movement. It shapes the relationship between two persons. For serving types such as Virgo or Pisces types, this will not pose a big problem. In the birth chart, the Sun represents the center of our personality, just as the Sun is the center of the solar system. Jan 3, 2020. (cant say Id never let them go, if its meant physically. He loves his freedom and his self-sufficiency. ), The house person may feel obligated to micro-manage parts of the relationship, although they really enjoy the Suns helpfulness. The 11th house is the house of friendship, so the composite 11th house can show how we come together as friends in a relationship, the groups we interact with and causes you push for together. You (Sun) feel deeply bonded to the house person. Not submissive like a slave, but rather in an organizational way like a boss/assistant relationship. As I would say the house people SEEM to feel it more than I but I definitely feel it maybe I can just SEE the effects it has on them? In some cases, you might be very fascinated with your partner, as if he or she marches to the beat of a different drummer. They do so through their words, their emotions and their beliefs. It was a disturbing experience. You stimulate each other mentally. In this case, you would very much enjoy the approval of the Sun person. The Sun in the partners second house of a synastry overlay makes the house person a valuable asset to the Sun person. Before I do that, however, I would like to remind you that synastry overlays are actually the SECOND step in compatibility analysis AFTER both charts have been examined separately. You are definitely not vague or wishy-washy, however you are open to others' ideas and feelings. When the Sun is in the partners seventh house of a synastry overlay, you are both deeply moved by each other. The Rahu-friend gives the power, strength, desire, luck and optimism for the future. You tolerate their idiosyncrasy. They awaken something deep inside you that you never even knew existed. You accept each others differences and shortcomings.
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